December Update

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to forward Miriam Johnston’s Message to Connie to let you all know what is happening with the draft paper and next meetings. Hopefully this will clarify thing a bit. Miriam’s email is [email protected]  Happy Holidays

Hi Connie:

I just wanted to give you a brief update on the HSC modernization planning. At our last meeting in July, we indicated that we would be preparing a discussion document based on the feedback from everyone who participated in our stage 1 engagement process.

Since that time, work on the Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy Update, including HSC modernization,  is progressing.  In addition, please be aware that the Provincial Auditor General tabled her report on Nov 30 which  includes a recommendation to expedite plans to modernize the HSC program.

Our plan  remains to engage OHSNA and other stakeholders as we continue the process to  modernize HSC.  Central to this is the release of the discussion documen‎t to receive further feedback and advice to support  modernization planning.

Thank you for your patience and all of your advice to date as we work together to modernize the HSC program.

Many thanks.


Miriam Johnston

Manager | Housing, Forensic Mental Health & Community Services Unit

Mental Health and Addictions Branch | Strategic Policy and Planning Division

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Movement Towards Levels of Assessments Letter

In July of this year OHSNA President Connie Evans and Vice-President Joe Pollard visited Halifax, Nova Scotia to review their 5 levels of assessments program and substantially higher Per Diems.

The links below are to the Research and Discussion Paper created as a result of this review as well as supporting documentation which was sent to involved parties and many members of government. Please take the time to review and learn how the OHSNA is working towards a better future for home owners and clients alike.



HSC Regulations

Assessment Checklist

Core Competencies

PDF Home Licence Application/Renewal Forms

Download the License Application / Renewal form here.