September Update

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed your summer. The executive continues their regular communication with the government regarding the HSC modernization. The London area is operating under the new program and so far there have been no major issues, but please reach out to us with any concerns regarding this. Connie will be  meeting again with Christine Elliot, Minister of Health again soon. I know everyone is anxious and waiting for the future roll-outs, but for now with the change of government everything is on hold until they can review and familiarize themselves with the new program. As soon as anything change we will let everyone know. Area directors should be holding regional meetings soon, please contact your local director or our office with any questions you have. Please if you are leaving a voice mail for the OHSNA office, state your name and telephone number clearly as I have had a few calls where I could not properly hear or  understand the message to follow up. I have posted a pic of Connie and Brad with Brian Mulroney below. His daughter Caroline met a few of our members at Connie’s home in December when she announced her replacement for Julia Monroe and will work for OHSNA’s commitment to better care and funding as well.