Studies, Reports & Program Information

We’ve assembled the following resources regarding the Ontario Homes for Special Needs Association as well as Housing with Supports and special care home reports, funding, issues and programs. Documents require Adobe PDF Reader to view.

Studies and Reports

  1. Click here to read the 2007 Grant Thornton Report study commissioned on behalf of the OHSNA investigating the funding levels of Housing with Supports to determine if funding is adequate.
  2. Click here to read the 2009 St. Michael’s Hospital Centre for Research on Inner City Health Survey of Domiciliary Hostel Program Tenants in Ontario.
  3. Click here to read OHSNA’s 2011 Fire Safety Submission.
  4. Click here to read OSHSA’s 2011 Response to the Retirement Homes Act Consultation.
  5. Click here to read the City of Hamilton’s “Room for Potential: A Review of the City of Hamilton’s Domiciliary Hostel Program.
  6. Click here to read the Grant Thornton 2012 Study of the Domiciliary Hostel Costs and the Domiciliary Hostel Program Per Diem Rate.
  7. Click here to read OHSNA’s submission of Phase 2A of the proposed Retirement Homes Act Regulations.

Program Information

  1. Find out more about the Housing with Supports Program
  2. Find out more about Homes for Special Care Program
  3. Learn more about each region’s Housing with Supports Program Standards please click on the following links. Please note this information has been provided by each region. The OHSNA makes every attempt to keep this information up to date, however, the association makes no guarantee of the accuracy of this information. Visitors are encouraged to contact their muncipality for updated information.