About Us

The Ontario Homes for Special Needs Association (OHSNA) is a voluntary, non-profit organization representing owners, operators and product/service suppliers involved in Housing with Supports and Homes for Special Care.

We provide permanent housing and living support to impoverished, frail adults with a wide range of special needs such as persons with mental and physical disabilities. In the absence of our support, our residents would likely be homeless and prone to even more serious health problems.

We advocate for our residents and for our members. We encourage governments at all levels to recognize and respond to the needs of this very vulnerable population.

Prior to the establishment of the OHSNA, there was no one voice that could speak on behalf of the vulnerable population served by Homes for Special Care and Housing with Supports, nor for the operators of those facilities. In 2000, the two associations representing these sectors merged to provide one clear voice for residents and operators.

Many homes province-wide belong to OHSNA. These are homes that have chosen to belong and are very much committed to providing and maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment.

Code of Ethics and Commitment to Residents

OHSNA has established a Code of Ethics and Commitment to Residents which each member of the association is committed to follow. Working with community partners, the association has been involved with the establishment of standards, improvements to the daily rate for care and accommodation as well as increases to the residents’ personal needs allowance. It is from the implementation of these standards that the best quality of life for our residents can be assured.