April Update

Hi everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that the AGM is fast approaching, so please book your rooms and send your RSVPs as soon as possible. The following is a message and update from your President:

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to update everyone on what I found out during the lockdown budget process.

Although we were not named in the budget I was told by assistant Deputy Health Minister, Patrick Dicerni, that  we will be helped through the  2.1 billion dollars provided for mental health.  We will be getting a third increase within the next couple of months. They are doing everything possible to make the announcement before the election.  I don’t know what the amount will be yet.  It is to directly help with off setting the increase to the minimum wage.

As well Patrick was unaware that  our program was capped at 90 percent until I informed him. He has given his commitment that he will support funding the new program to a hundred percent if the evaluation of the London area is favourable after 6 months.

Finally, I also had the assurance from Dr Bell the Deputy Minister of Health that their will be flexible money with the new program after our clients are assessed.  He said clearly we will be paid for the extra services we provide.  We will continue to help the ministry determine what these services are and a dollar amount to go with them.

Things have happened slowly and we still need a lot more information as to how this new program will work.  We are far from happy until we have these details and know they are what we have requested.  This has been a long process and exhausting to all involved, many bumps have come our way!  We will continue to advocate for our membership to the best of our abilities.

I hope to see everyone at our AGM coming up on May 10 and 11!  This process is our future, Everyone needs this opportunity to have input and ask questions.  Please make every effort to come.

See you soon!
Connie Evans