SmartMeds Pharmacy operates by focusing on three main objectives when servicing Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities. They include: resident care, risk management, and technology. A vision we’ve seen through, SmartMeds’ strives to maintain patient safety, manage risk and continue to develop technology platforms we use to support the changing needs of the Pharmacy profession.

Firstly, SmartMeds has elevated the standard of pharmaceutical care with a user-friendly, proprietary technology platform designed specifically for the needs of our clients called “SmartLink”. SmartLink is an online Ordering/Receiving and Communication portal that is linked directly with the SmartMeds database. The system gives facilities access to all medication orders sent via digital pen, scanner, fax, online or e-prescribing.  Leveraging the SmartLink technology to secure accuracy, efficiency and accountability, it allows the homes to focus on what they do best: getting residents the care they need.

Secondly, SmartMeds utilizes a 5 point check system with a 99.9999% accuracy rate. SmartMeds has created an online checking system to ensure that each and every prescription is filled accurately, efficiently, and clinically correct for patients. The SmartMeds team uses an in-house “SmartLink Dispatch” system to allow both pharmacy and home user to follow the stages of the prescription, from filling to delivery. SmartMeds is constantly evolving risk management practices and applying ongoing improvements for safety, not only at the home level but within the pharmacy.

Finally, SmartSupport is a multidisciplinary on-site support team: the new gold standard in clinical care and support exclusively from SmartMeds Pharmacy. Improve the quality of life and therapeutic outcomes for your residents with a unique consulting team of professionals. Homes will have active on-site participation from a Consultant Pharmacist, a Pharmacy Support Specialist, the Technology Team, and Maintenance Crew.

Overall, SmartMeds’ main mission is to exceed the standards of pharmaceutical care and rise above all others while providing excellence in the quality of our service.