CBC Interview

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Below is a link to the CBC interview Connie did about vaccines and covid. You can scroll forward to 37:15 to just see that clip if you wish.


Vaccine Guidance Letter

Guidance for Prioritizing HCWs for COVID-19 Vaccination FINAL 2020-01-08

FLW Therapy

Clinical Therapy For Frontline Workers


MHAPB Memo IPAC Hubs (adirapp)_January 2021_EN

MHAPB Memo IPAC Hubs (adirapp)_January 2021_FR

Thank You email

From: Lori Robbins <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, January 7, 2021 12:16:21 AM
To: Connie Evans <[email protected]>
Subject: cho

First, I want to start by thanking our members who have offered so much. Just knowing people are there for you can ease your mind. Connie thank you for organizing and setting in motion all this support and meals and PPE. What I want all our members to know is what a fantastic response I received from CHO. The fast response, the offers of help and they honestly cared ,about not only the the clients but owners and staff. They realized how devastating this was and were quick to make sure we were aware they know how hard we have worked,Offered support for our clients but also support for staff should we need it. They are dropping off coffee as a treat for our clients. Also cell phones so we are not running, sanitizing as much. They said if you need something ask. This was much more than we expected. The Region was right there also, but I wanted our members to know how CHO stepped right up. Thanks again From all of us at Brown’s . Lori