Good Afternoon everyone, 

   I have copied a letter below from your President. The Executive had decided to postpone the AGM until September 26 and 27, 2019. The letter explains the reasons for this decision and I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes, and hopefully those that were not able to make it will have more time to make arrangements this way. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.Thank you, Amber

  To Our Membership,


At this time we regret to announce we will be postponing the May 2 & 3 OHSNA Annual General Meeting.   It will be  September 26 and 27  2019.  We did not do this without careful consideration and apologize for any inconvenience.


However, for the following reasons we felt it was necessary to do this;


  1. At this time everything has been put on hold both with the new Community Homes for Opportunity Program and the future direction of Housing With Supports Program.  We need direction from both ministries in regards to the future of both programs to plan our course of action.


  1. Ministry staff from both programs have nothing they can share with us and therefore will not be attending an agm at this particular time.


  1. As an executive we plan to take the next couple of months and visit every area of the province and meet with the home owners.  Your local directors will be setting up meetings in your area in the near future.  We will at that time share all information we can and hear your concerns.


Your executive continues to work tirelessly to ensure both programs have the best possible future.  The provincial budget will be released on Thursday April 11.  After this happens we hope to be given more information as to our future.  This is a necessary step before decisions can be determined.


By changing the agm until September it will have a lot more substance and answers to questions.  We are aware of how valuable home owners time are and feel this is the right decision for everyone.  At this time we would not be able to provide the information and answers needed.  When we bring everyone out to our annual meeting we want to provide the best format possible and a full valuable agenda.  To do this we need to postpone until September.


We look forward to seeing everyone at their local meeting soon!  We have lots to share and hope you all make every attempt to attend.  These are very important times to decide our future as home owners.


Yours Respectfully,

Connie Evans

President of the Ontario Homes for Special Needs Association