April 12- New PPE requirements(group homes)

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Please read everything carefully and follow the links for posters and videos(you must click the link below for those, not in in the text below. Click the link below for full information.



UPDATE: STAFF USE OF PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT IN GROUP HOMES Personal Protective Equipment Recommendations for Staff In an abundance of caution, given the amount of confirmed COVID-19 cases in institutional/live-in settings in York Region, and to be in line with current staff procedures in other institutional settings, group living residences are asked to immediately implement the following personal protective equipment (PPE) procedures for staff:  All staff and essential visitors wear surgical/procedure masks at all times for the duration of full shifts or visits in the group living residence – this is required regardless of whether the residence is in outbreak or not  During breaks, staff may remove their surgical/procedure mask but must remain 2 metres away from other staff to continue to practice physical distancing  Change their surgical/procedure mask if it becomes damp or soiled (see “Conserving Masks” below)  Continue to use Droplet and Contact Precautions for supporting residents with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 which includes: o Facial protection such as surgical masks and N95 respirators (N95 respirators are not needed unless performing an aerosol generating procedure) o Eye protection such as safety glasses, face shields or masks with visor attachments, o Gloves o Isolation gown York Region Public Health will be supplying group homes with an initial supply of surgical/procedural masks in order to augment these new procedures. We will be delivering these masks in the next few days. The following resources provide direction on putting on (donning) and taking off (doffing) PPE:  Link to PPE Poster  Putting on and taking of PPE  Poster on how to wear a mask  Visit this link for a video on removing PPE safely