April 20- Positive home update

Hi Everyone,

I want to provide a statement from David Goldfield in regards to his very scary experience dealing with a positive covid client.  He wanted to thank everyone for their support and good wishes!!  He is thrilled to announce no other staff or clients results were positive.  Halsey Lodge is not considered a breakout and has been taken off the list.   David Goldfield

I want to say David should be very proud of himself and his staff!!   The fact he had an actual positive client in his home and no one else was effected is amazing!!  It is a wonderful example of a home who followed great procedures for safety and isolation.  Great Work!!!

It is so important to report quick and  follow all the steps asked of us.  I think David felt very supported and happy with the handling of the entire situation.  I hope no one else has to ever experience this! However if you do we will be here to help and support in every way we can.

My best wishes for the client who is still in hospital.  We are all thinking of her.

Stay Safe