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Below is an email response to Connie regarding clients leaving to go home during this emergency. To be paid you must notify them right away!! THIS IS FOR YORK REGION HwS CLIENTS. OTHER REGIONS PLEASE REACH OUT AND ASK FOR THE SAME CONSIDERATION, PLEASE EMAIL ME TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE CONFIRMATION FROM YOUR REGION.All regions received a sum of money on April 1st to directly support the pandemic.CHO AND HwS PLEASE CONTACT YOUR AGENCIES AND ASK FOR THE SAME SUPPORTS HSC HAS GIVEN HOMES!It is very important homeowners take an active role in contacting your agencies and push for support, you have relationships with them and know who is best to contact. Please also ask about possible isolation centers for positive clients, funding for PPE, and privacy walls. HSC refer to the previous walls post and order your walls asap, they are trying to coordinate delivery, then invoice the ministry for refund. HSC please make sure you have filled out the survey emailed to you(see previous post), you will not receive supplies from the central station if you don’t.

Hi Connie,

Yes, if you have a Regional client who may benefit, during this time of emergency, from being with family to help improve social distancing within the home or to improve clients anxiety in general, we will support this.

The region will continue to pay the per diem provided the Operator will hold their bed up to 28 consecutive days (similar to our hospital stays) we can revisit this if needed.

We are dealing with these requests on a case by case bases therefore, please reach out to Sabrina if this applies to Queenview and Sabrina will inform me, accordingly.

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Another HSC homeowner spoke with Kathy Belmonte from the Queen Street office and was told that if homes encourage clients to go home during the pandemic, they will continue to be paid as long as their bed is saved. Connie is awaiting direct confirmation on this.