May 5-Message from Connie

Hi Everyone

I hope to date everyone is well and safe both with your business and families!

More PPEs should be coming soon to all homes.  They are being sent out to all offices across Ontario.  This includes CHO homes and Housing with Supports in some areas, Gowns should be in within a week or so.  I will send them out as soon as I have.  York Region already received theirs.

As far as the payroll increase to staff for $4 an hour more, I was on teleconference call Saturday and they said details of how it will be done should be mid-week tomorrow or next day.  If you want to hear yourself, listen to Fords talk he does everyday between 1-1:30 on CP24. The $250 a month will go to staff that works over 100 hours a month For 4 months. This is help we asked for and they finally have helped.  Again it proves they finally consider us frontline workers!!

Everyone is doing an amazing job!!  You all deserve respect and appreciation from our government, clients, staff and families.  Please keep up the great work and feel free to call with any questions or issues.

Stay Safe
Connie Evans