April 1***IMPORTANT***


The following is an email from Glenna explaining what is needed for HSC homes and PPE. Please read carefully and click on the attachments for the paperwork at the bottom of the page. ALL HSC HOMES MUST FILL OUT THIS PAPERWORK TO GET PPE.


Hi All:

Please let me know if there are issues with opening these attachments.

The first attachment is the Minister’s Order to Provide Information Respecting Supplies of PPE.  You will see that Homes for Special Care are required to provide information.

The Ministry of Health requires health service providers, including Homes for Special Care, to complete a survey of their current inventory of PPE.  The Ministry has acquired PPE, is making plans to acquire additional PPE, and is planning for the management and distribution of PPE across the health care system.

The second attachment contains information on how to complete the PPE survey, as well as a link for the HSC homes to click on to access and complete the online survey.  A password is required.  Please note, the password for this survey is:   PPEsurvey2020   (note – password is case sensitive, please enter exactly as it appears here).  All HSC homes need to complete this survey.

If HSC homes have any questions pertaining to the completion of this survey, 1:1 support will be provided over the phone. They can call the Ministry of Health PPE Survey help-desk (available 24/7) at 416-687-8445.  There is also a training session that will be held tomorrow.  Details for the training session are in the second attachment.

The Order requires HSC homes to provide information daily.  While daily reporting may not be manageable for many HSCs, and while supplies of PPE may not vary much from day to day, it is very important that every home completes this survey now as I understand that homes may be eligible to access the centralized supply of PPE ONLY if they have completed this survey.  We will provide further information on the daily reporting requirement but it is very important that the initial survey be done immediately.  The homes should not worry that the original deadline was March 30.  Please ask that they complete it today, or if that is not possible, then tomorrow.

 Please forward this email to all HSC homes and assist them with this process where possible.  Please monitor which homes have completed the survey and provide the ministry with this information at our next meeting.


Thank you.

Glenna Smith

Senior Program Consultant

Mental Health and Addiction Programs Branch

Ministry of Health


PPE Minister Order HPPA Final March 28 2020 – Scan

How-To Guide – Survey Completion (FINAL) – HEALTH