April 3-wall shields

Hi All:


Please see the link and information below regarding temporary walls that can be used to improve physical distancing. The ministry is providing pre-approval for homes to purchase these temporary walls to appropriately separate beds in shared bedrooms.  The minimum number of temporary walls should be purchased to appropriately separate beds.  Temporary walls should be purchased only for shared bedrooms and for the isolation room.  The cost is $270 per wall unit (5 feet wide; 6 feet tall) including shipping.  Shipping to regions outside of the normal delivery area would be an additional cost.


Please contact Wayne Long, Industrial Sales Manager, Ideal Supply at 519-291-1060 x5464 to discuss delivery options for your area.  If delivery can be arranged, please discuss this with your homes and determine whether homes would like to order and coordinate the orders for the homes if possible. If a home is interested in purchasing these temporary walls, please determine the number of wall units that would be needed in that home.  For your area, please list out the number of homes that plan to make a purchase and the number of walls per home.  When you have this information, please contact Wayne Long, Industrial Sales Manager, Ideal Supply at 519-291-1060 x5464 to discuss next steps.  In addition, please provide the list of homes and number of wall units to the ministry.


The invoice for the walls could be made out to each home (or to the hospital – depending on how you arrange your invoices for tenant personal expenses).  This expense will be reimbursed by the ministry using the regular tenant personal expense payment process.  Please submit invoice information on the regular spread sheet.  Be sure to include “COVID-19 expenses” in the title of the spreadsheet.


I suggest that this be done very quickly.


Using these walls does not change the Operating Guidelines for Homes for Special Care which set out for room specifications, but rather the use of temporary walls is for the purpose of prevention of the spread of COVID-19.  These walls may be useful post-COVID-19 crisis to enhance privacy for tenants.


I would like to say a big thank you to Mark Fellin for suggesting this.





TempWall by Trusscore:

  • Preassembled walls made with nonporous PVC which doesn’t support bacteria growth (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vXpprP9vbE)
  • 60” wide by 80” high by 1-3/8” thick wall including the hardware required to assemble modular units
  • Lightweight (each 5’ wall section is 58 lbs)
  • Easy to install, clean and disinfect
  • Available untreated or treated with Aegis Microbe Shield
  • Class 1 Medical Device Establishment Licenced