June 6-Front line food doantions

HI Everyone,

Sherri from Total Health Pharmacy, has been organizing with https://www.feedthefrontlinesto.org/, to help feed front line workers. Below is some more info and photos.

Feed the Frontlines TO brings hot, delicious, individually-packed meals to front-line medical and social services staff as they work tirelessly and selflessly through the COVID-19 outbreak. Donations are used to purchase and deliver the meals from local restaurants otherwise struggling to stay afloat.  This way, restaurants can keep workers employed and the frontline keeps fueled by nutritious meals and the support of our community – it’s a “two-fer”!  Even as our city slowly starts opening back up, the need continues to support those on our frontlines.

As the pandemic has continued, demand for emergency food services has skyrocketed, while 40% of Toronto’s food banks have been forced to close due to volunteer shortages, food center shutdowns, and cancelled fundraising events. Feed the Frontlines TO is also now contributing in a targeted way to efforts to address food insecurity in Toronto by partnering with local community hubs to provide nutritious, culturally-preferred meals to people facing increased food insecurity who cannot access existing traditional or emergency food options. Local restaurants prepare the meals, which are delivered to local residents who need them, by locally-hired residents impacted by pandemic-related job loss. The benefits of the initiative thus stays within the local community – evolving its original “two-fer” into a “three-fer!”

If their work moves you, I could use your help in one or two ways – donate to the cause directly at www.feedthefrontlinesto.org – and/or share the word about this initiative among your network (all social media links are listed below). Each donation matters, big or small.  Meal costs include the cost of food, wages, taxes and delivery, and keep our city’s frontline teams and vulnerable residents well-fed and nourished with the spirit of community.

Whether you can donate or not, our collective support spreading the word about this initiative will help. Please like/follow social media posts and share this email and links below with your networks!

Please feel free to contact Adair Roberts, copied on this note, with any questions.

Thank you in advance for any support you can provide!  I hope you and your family stay well and healthy and I wish you all the best during these challenging times.