March 30-Hamilton Residents

Message from your region director Calvin Cain


I have negotiated some financial support from the City of Hamilton.

This one time financial support is the City’s attempt to ease some of our financial pressures during the Civid-19 pandemic period.

This is a one time funding package from unused funds from the CHPI pot.

1) The PerDiem remains at $52 /day/person.
Until further notice

2) Lump funding:
$5,000.00 for each RCF
$200.00 / residents based on your last six billing months .

The City indicated that Funding will be rolled out in two weeks or  sooner. The contract amendment is required.


Encourage others to go to regions!  As well ask for isolation centers for positive results, as we are not good isolation places.  Regions are getting money and will be making plans, make sure your in them!!
Connie Evans