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I know this is a challenging and frustrating time for everyone. We are waiting for next steps and more info from the Ministry and as soon as we know more I will post it here. Many homes have received letters already to not allow any visitors or non-essential workers into their homes and cancel social events. We can not stop residents from leaving, but we can strongly advise them not to leave the home and remind them if they do, there is a chance they will not be allowed back in if quarantined. Connie has requested help with toilet paper and protective supplies. I have attached files below with more information. As well many know that region 4 has been selected for the next CHO roll out and homeowners have been in discussion with the Ministry already and will continue to do so. I have also attached some files below regarding this roll out and the new CHO program so please take a look. Our annual AGM has been booked for this September 24 and 25, so fingers crossed, it will not be affected by this COVID response. As always if anyone has any questions please email at [email protected]

CMOH Memo – Visitors COVID-19 2020-03-13 Shared (1)

Enhanced Public Health Measures for COVID-19 2020-03-12 (2)

Screening Checklist 2020-03-13 – Shared

EN – LTCH v02.2 2020-03-13 Shared

FR – LTCH v02.2 2020-03-13 Shared

EN Case Definition COVID-19 2020-03-13 Shared

Coronavisus 031020 Canada

CHO Files:

Peel Halton Memo

Peel Halton Memo (1)

Dear Ottawa area Residence Owner

CHO Program Model HO (2)